First Devlog Post

Hello, guys! I am Chetneet, your host for Midnight Falls Devlog. Our team is working very hard so they gave me job to keep you timely on Devlog. You may have questions about game and its in humans DNA, if we don't ask questions, we won't be human, humans have made great accomplishments because of asking questions, whether it is science, tech, food etc. Have you ever heard of a thing called curiosity?

Let's come back to our topic. I am going to show you some common questions (AKA FAQ) right here.

 Will the game be free? If you want to play straight away then will be free, but if you really like the game and you want to support the developers, there will be some in-game purchases (but they will not be "Pay-to-Win") that will let you customize your menu, inventory, and many more.

Which game engine we are using? There are many game engines out there, but we chose Unity. Why? Because Unity isn't a game engine that requires a powerful machine, and it also comes with some nice features. Our game works with almost any machine.

Is game going to be Multiplayer? Yes, it will have a Co-Op mode, but not in its couple of initial updates. But near future, it will.

That is enough for the first post. Please comment your thoughts and Questions! And I will definitely reply to them

Note: Some mistakes fixed.


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It needs some work... Like a lot of work

(2 edits)

I have tracked down some mistakes. Thanks for your comment.

(2 edits) (+1)

Not all of them...

'to keep you timely on Devlog' - timely isnt a word

'and its in humans DNA' - human's**

'we won't be human, humans have' - that comma should be a .

' If you want to play straight away then will be free' - missing word

'they will not be "Pay-to-Win")' - why is Pay2Win in ""?

'inventory, and many more.' - and MUCH more**

'Because Unity isn't a game engine that requires a powerful machine' - untrue, it all depends on what game you are making, and being close to the dev team I know that isnt a reason.

'but not in its couple of initial updates' - it's**

'Please comment your thoughts and Questions' why does 'questions' have a capital letter?

Honestly, I don't want to be mean, but I feel like I'm marking a 10 year old's work...


Customize* there's also more mistakes in here that I can't bother to point out


Thanks for reporting the mistakes! We will make sure that next time it won't happen again :D


You should triple check your text before releasing it! :P