Lightcore - a simplistic and minimal ball / paddle game with a few twists.

Created for Sykoo's Community Game Jam.

Control the paddle by moving the mouse up / down.
Deflect the Dark Sparks to score points and light them up, increasing your vision for a while, miss and allow them to hit you and you lose health.
You can collect powerups to boost your paddle or regain health.

How far you can reach ?
Post your highscore in the comments.

ESC - Pause / Options Menu.

Known bugs:
After changing the audio volumes and restarting the game, if you press escape the audio volumes will reset.

Made by c00pala and Gabe.

Music was made by Rolemusic

Gabe, the UI "beast" and saver of the day has a few tricks up his sleeve.

c00pala meanwhile, talks too much and has no idea how to make proper tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Music: The Little Broth by Rolemusic.

AuthorsGabe, c00pala
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade


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Man, not easy!

Regardless, a creative and entertaining entry!

Thank you for your review! <3